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Potential for a race condition with latest-repository-commit

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: Potential for a race condition with latest-repository-commit
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 21:22:18 +0000
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So one of the things that's currently restricted to doing by one job at
a time in the Guix Data Service is running latest-repository-commit from
the (guix git) module.

Previously this was more of a problem for the Guix Data Service, as a
large section of the work for loading information about a revision was
serialised to avoid the potential for contention over the cached
checkout this procedure uses. There's still a lock used now, but I
realised when looking in to this further that it's only necessary to
lock around this specific call, not the larger section that was
restricted previously.

I think that add-to-store which this procedure uses isn't atomic for a
directory, so there's a risk of weird results if the repository is
changed after the required revision is checked out. While it isn't
common to run guix pull twice, I think this could happen there if you
ran guix pull concurrently for the same repository, but two different
profiles. I added a sleep call just prior to the add-to-store call in
latest-repository-commit, and tested running guix pull twice at roughly
the same time, with different branches and profiles, and I did see both
profiles then reflecting a single branch, so one profile was mistakenly
referring to the wrong branch.

Is this something that is worth guarding against? Maybe
latest-repository-commit could double check the Git repo state after
add-to-store completes, and raise an error if it's different to what it
expects. Or perhaps individual worktrees could be used for each process,
which would hopefully avoid the race condition entirely.



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