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Re: [BLOG] On migration to the Hurd

From: Tanguy Le Carrour
Subject: Re: [BLOG] On migration to the Hurd
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2020 13:59:39 +0200

Le 04/02, Ludovic Courtès a écrit :
> Tanguy Le Carrour <address@hidden> skribis:
> > Le 04/01, Jan Nieuwenhuizen a écrit :
> >> We are thrilled to have published a post about migrating to the Hurd:
> >>
> >>     
> >>
> > […]
> > The question is now: if not yesterday, when!?
> >
> > Thanks to all the people who will help make it a reality!
> Yup, it can actually become a reality!
> […]
>   ./pre-inst-env guix build -f gnu/system/hurd.scm
> That gives you a QEMU image containing a cross-built GNU/Hurd system,
> which is pretty cool.
> Unfortunately, the bootstrap ext2fs.static server currently hangs early
> on for reasons that haven’t been elucidated yet.  For anyone who wants
> to fiddle with the Hurd, here’s a good hacking opportunity!

I'm not (yet) able to do low-level/system contributions, but I did
contribute some patches upstream to make some programs build and work
on GNU/Hurd. I think I'll keep on doing this kind of things in the
future. Better little than none, right?! :-)



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