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Re: good practices in science

From: Konrad Hinsen
Subject: Re: good practices in science
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2020 16:28:04 +0200

Hi Marco,

> Are there any natural scientists here?

I have no idea how numerous we are, but yes, there are. As for myself,
I am in computational biophysics.

> I am sending this to this list because Guix is an obvious tool for
> scientific (and other) computing.  None of my collegues anywhere in
> the world have heard of it and they are not interested when I mention
> it.  (Furthermore, brendyyn on #guix suggested this list.)

Don't worry, that will change.

> In my mind, this must mean that one writes plain text everywhere.
> This is plain/text for e-mail, LaTeX for papers, code is code,
> Markdown or similar for most other documents.  All this is in version
> control.  You can push, share, collaborate quite easily.  Anyone is
> free to make a pretty PDF of it or do whatever else.  Because, of
> course it is all free as in speech.  You know all this.

That is a workflow which is being advocated increasingly. You could
point your doubting colleagues to this MOOC, for example:

(disclaimer: I am one of its authors). Guix is not covered there, but it
will in a more advanced sequel currently under preparation.

> I would like to find a community where I can do science in a good way.
> I want to use free software and would like to collaborate through
> version control, IRC, Jitsi, well formatted e-mails.  Does such a
> community exist?

It is growing. I can't say about your field or your neigbourhood, but
check out communities such as The Carpentries
(, which is organizing tutorials all around the
globe to teach the tools that you like.


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