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Re: Unencrypted boot with encrypted root

From: Ellen Papsch
Subject: Re: Unencrypted boot with encrypted root
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2020 14:25:44 +0200
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Am Dienstag, den 07.04.2020, 09:47 -0700 schrieb Vagrant Cascadian:
> On 2020-04-07, Alex Griffin wrote:
> > So we can put the key in its own initrd (outside of the store)
> > 
> I believe it's also possible for grub to provide the key
> derived/decrypted from the passphrase entered at run-time

These may be dangerous waters. The key file in initrd is like a house
key under the mattress. A malicious process could look in the well
defined place and exfiltrate the key. Think state trojan horses. A
random name would not suffice, because other characteristics may help
identifying the file (i.e. size).

Regarding passing on the key, you mean the master key? I don't know if
it's possible. If it's documented and recommended, I'd say go for it.
But keep in mind this is crypto we are talking about. If it's something
hacky we're straying from the path and may be inadvertently opening up
security holes. A security guru analysis would help.

I think* Guix would burden itself too much with secrets. It's something
for the user and the installer should just make it more convenient,
with a nudge to a more secure setup. The key file should be stored in a
user specified location, preferably a pen drive (which is otherwise not
used). It can be removed, so no read can occur by arbitrary processes.
A passphrase should be added as backup.

(*) as non-guru

With or without key on a drive, passing on the master key would help
avoiding waiting a second time for decryption. It would certainly be
nice if it's feasible.

Best regards

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