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Re: Thank you for your leadership Ludo

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: Thank you for your leadership Ludo
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2020 20:26:32 +0530

> I have been hanging out in #guix recently, and I have submitted a few
> guix bug reports (not many). I just wanted to thank you for the
> community that you have built with Guix. I have done some minor
> volunteer work with other free software projects, but those other free
> software projects did not have Guix's incredible community. It is
> incredibly nice to feel like I can help Guix, even when it is sparingly.
> I also want to thank the other /incredibly/ dedicated Guix maintainers.
> Thanks for all that you do!

The Guix community is very inclusive and friendly. A lot of thanks is
indeed due to Ludo for setting a good example! :-)

> P.S.  I hope this is not consider off topic.

I often feel similarly wary when thanking the Guix community or indeed
any other free software community. :-P But, I think smiles, thanks and
gratitude go a long way in making free software communities a friendly
place to work in. The Guix community is a great example of this. We
should promote such a culture in all our free software projects.

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