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Guix System video review on YouTube

From: Jonathan Brielmaier
Subject: Guix System video review on YouTube
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 00:32:27 +0200
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Hi fellow guix hackers,

Guix System got a video review on YouTube:

As it's in German and was quite a little bit negative (title: "Guix
System distribution - a disaster"), I watched it and noted every issue
he stumbled across.

Although the reviewer was not really happy with the Guix System
distribution, he was quite pleased with the package manager. So he would
recommend his viewers to try Guix on a foreign distro, but not our distro.

For the issues I could reproduce, I already filed bugs:
XFCE: web browser -> choose preferred application, no browser preinstalled
website: screenshot
shows os-config.scm people search for it, but can't find it, because its
named configuration.scm not os-config.scm
thunar: Browse Network -> failed to open
thunar: sftp does not work, as well as in pcmanfm-qt

Some bugs are only reproducible when you run the Guix QEMU image
(1.1.0). When you install XFCE via the installer, they don't appear.
That's strange.
thunar: Icons ^ and down/home are missing
XFCE: no network-manager installed by default (seems not so important on
a QEMU image)

He mentioned lots of other stuff, which feels more like
enhancements/changes and not like bugs. So here is an (incomplete) list
of his findings:
* There is no /etc/os-release file. I think it was proposed a while ago,
but the patch was rejected.
* When starting Icecat for the first time, it show 6 top sites,
including and, but not :)
* While installing packages via `guix install` you can't scroll in the
terminal, you always get reset to the bottom.
* For users coming from other init systems it's hard to find the herd
services. Maybe aliases for `service` or `systemctl`.
-> network-manager-applet: after installing how to start the network
manager service? As suggested by the UI of nm-applet ("NetworkManager
not running").
* guix show/search does not show if a package is installed.
* guix package -I does not show the packaged installed via the
config.scm/services, this can be very confusing. How can you show all
installed packages?
* `guix search ... | less can be confusing at the beginning.
* Finding firefox is little difficult as it's named Icecat. Maybe we can
create a dummy package which then links to the icecat package.
* Guix has multiple plasma/KDE applications but not the KDE/plasma
desktop itself. It's not yet packaged.
* Multi user package concept not clear (root as different packages then
normal user).
* XFCE: has no video/music player installed by default.

Good night

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