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"guix search" needs your help

From: zimoun
Subject: "guix search" needs your help
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 13:05:21 +0200


I am lacking imagination and I need your help for:
 - what should be the query you type,
 - then what is the package you expect with such query, in order.


  guix search source control management
  # expect: git, mercurial, svn, then other

  guix search r cytometry
  # expect: r-flowcore r-flowsom then other

Using your imagination, I can benchmark some ranking functions.

As reported, the experience with "guix search" is sometimes poor.
Aside the issue of pager or output format,  there is 2 explorations
for improvements discussed in this bug report [1]: faster and more
accurate.  The benchmark for "faster" is straightforward and the
exploration is on going. :-)

Currently, the packages are ranked accordingly to 'relevance'.  There
is good, bad and ugly about this strategy and the state-of-art Okapi
BM25 ranking function has to be evaluated to know if such information
retrieval strategy is worth or not for search of packages.  Well,
thanks to Arun guile-xapian bindings, the BM25 ranking is easy to
benchmark since all the tough work is relayed to Xapian.


>From my point of view, such pair (query terms, expected packages)
would help to improve the tools:
 - maybe "guix search"
 - maybe "guix lint" by establishing some metrics indicating is the
synopsis and description are relevant -- compared to all the other

Thank you in advance for help me in the exploration of such ideas.

Best regards,

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