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Re: Build reproducibility metrics

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Build reproducibility metrics
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2020 07:54:37 -0700

On 2020-06-03, Christopher Baines wrote:
> Combining that with the substitute server operated by Tobias, which has
> a pretty awesome substitute availability of over 90% for recent
> revisions, not only is there data from 4 different substitute servers to
> use in the comparison, but the proportion of packages where there isn't
> sufficient data is pretty low, below 10%.
> I'm currently using the instance of the
> Guix Data Service, you can see the package substitute availability for
> the latest revision using this URL [1], and the package reproducibility
> at this URL [2].
> 1: 
> 2: 
> Some caution is needed when interpreting this data. It's most probably
> less up to date than what you'd get through running the guix weather or
> guix challenge commands, as it takes the Guix Data Service time to query
> the data, that querying process isn't very reliable at the moment
> either. Additionally, the "matching" percentage could easily go down if
> that output is built with a different hash in the future.
> While the number itself maybe isn't the most useful thing, I like that
> clicking through to the "Not matching" outputs will show a list of
> outputs which didn't build reproducibly, which is something that could
> help identify reproducibility issues to investigate and fix.
> I think things are coming together on the substitute server side. The
> goal I have in mind for this is for users of Guix to be able to have
> greater trust in the substitutes they use, through trusting substitutes
> only if it's been built reproducibly on multiple substitute servers. It
> would be great to see work start soon on how guix as a client to
> substitute servers might be enhanced to check for reproducibility when
> fetching substitutes.

Really glad to see great progress on this!

I've CC'ed the reproducible builds list, as others might be interested
to see too! original post:

live well,

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