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Re: A script to check an edit does not break anything

From: Edouard Klein
Subject: Re: A script to check an edit does not break anything
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 18:41:55 +0200
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Thank you for proofreading the code and your words of encouragement :) !

Here is a new version that shows, in real time, the reverse-bag graph
with the build and install status color coded into the nodes (node's
border means building, node background means installing).

A the end, the resulting graph looks like the attached image.

It makes the failure of Jupyter hard to ignore (and also reveals a
failure of python-iml that went undetected as of yet).

The fact that you can see it in real time is really cool. As soon as you
see red, you can rummage through the logs (error logs are copied in a
subdir for conveniance) and start fixing the problem(s).

I still haven't fixed jupyter yet. I'll work on it on monday. With the
help of this tool it should be quite easy :)

To use the script, just edit it to target the packages you are meddling
with, and run. Give an optional first argument pointing to where you
want the images saved (otherwise they are destroyed and the end of the

It even makes an animated gif (not attached because of its humongous
size). Completely useless, but it gives you something nice to show when
somebody comes to visit your lab ;)

I would love for this tool to become a subcommand of guix. I'm not sure
about the name. 'before-submit' is clear enough, and I can't think of
any good reasons why not, but I feel we can do better. Something to do with
"monitor", "watch", "making sure", "real-time". I don't know yet. Naming truly 
one of the hardest things in computer science ;-) For the time being,
gpwc stands for the Guix Package Writer Companion.

I could give a shot at reimplementing the tool in guile, but my guix-fu
is not strong enough yet. I'll keep using this quick and dirty bash
version until I feel confident enough.



Description: Bourne shell script

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Description: PNG image

Vincent Legoll writes:

> Hello Edouard,
> I think you left a hardcoded package name in your script, line 29, fix
> with:
> s/python-websockets/$package/
> Also you sometimes use $package vs ${package}
> This kind of thing (maybe converted into scheme what about
> `guix before-submit') should be a valuable addition to guix,
> it would help beginners (like me do less mistakes) and comitters
> could have more confidence in a submission if it has gone through
> this. Which would in turn enable us to integrate patches quicker.
> WDYT ?

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