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Change the '--with-source' flag to use the syntax `--with-source=PACKAGE

From: pkill9
Subject: Change the '--with-source' flag to use the syntax `--with-source=PACKAGE=SOURCE`
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 14:17:16 +0100

I propose changing the `--with-source` flag to use the syntax of
similar `--with-...` flags such as `--with-commit`, e.g.
`--with-source=PACKAGE=SOURCE`, because currently you need to
change a file to match the form "package-version.extension`, and it
searches the package graph to find the package to replace the input
with. It's annoying having to download a source file and change it's
filename just to have it work with this flag.

It would also be more consistent to match the syntax of the other
flags. To illustrate, this is the section of `guix build --help` that
shows the syntax of all these `--with-...` flags:

                         use SOURCE when building the corresponding package
                         replace dependency PACKAGE by REPLACEMENT
                         graft REPLACEMENT on packages that refer to PACKAGE
                         build PACKAGE from the latest commit of BRANCH
                         build PACKAGE from COMMIT
                         build PACKAGE from the repository at URL

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