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Re: icu4j, antlr4, source archives without a root path

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: icu4j, antlr4, source archives without a root path
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 22:41:35 +0200

Le Tue, 12 May 2020 23:57:58 +0200,
Björn Höfling <> a écrit :

> Hi Michael,
> what is the central message of your email? Is it just to say "I gave
> up, sorry", or do you need help at specific points? :-)
> At least I can tell you that I have quite a bunch of work-in-progress
> branches lying around because I start with "Oh, let's _just_
> update/fix/add this little program ..." and you end up in a chain of
> needed updates, conflicting updates, broken states, etc.
> Don't get confused by this :-) I try to plan my work step by step in
> these situations, cleanly commit what's finished and write a personal
> log of the success and failures and intermediate knowledge gained.
> To the concrete java-icu4j:
> What do you think about the attached patch (needs some clean-up)?
> What's a bit uncommon about the project is that it builds separate
> sub-projects and then combines them. I'm not sure about the output(s):
> There are icu4j.jar, icu4j-charset.jar and icu4j-localespi.jar, I only
> copied the first one as I think this is what the original package
> definition did.
> Björn


I took your patch and changed it a bit to enable tests. They require
JUnitParams, which we don't have, as well as some work to actually be
able to run the tests without having the package try to download

Attached are two patches, that add java-junitparams and that update
icu4j with the proper sources.

I also tried to use the git repository, but that failed because three
data archive files come from git-lfs and are not fetched by git-fetch,
so I kept using the release tarball instead. I've rebuilt the few
packages listed by guix refresh successfully.


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