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Installing packages auto-container'ed

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Installing packages auto-container'ed
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2020 15:41:15 -0400
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Would it be possible to make launching applications in Guix with minimum
permissions even easier?  Here's just a sketch of an idea.

Borrowing from the new containerizing an application example in the

In my manifest.scm, what if instead of listing the browser package
eolie, I listed the following:

  (define containerized-eolie
    (wrap-containerized eolie
                        #:network? #t
                        ;; Not sure if this line would be needed.
                        #:other-packages (list coreutils nss-certs dbus)
                        #:expose '("/etc/machine-id")
                        #:share '(("/home/cwebber/tmp/shared-with-browser"
                                   . "/home/cwebber/shared"))
                        #:share-env '("DISPLAY")))

  ;; now here's my list of packages
  (list emacs

The idea here is that containerized-eolie actually generates a new
package that "wraps" every binary that would be installed, as well as
all common launchers, to use a script that actually launches them in a
container with the above restrictions.
I'm not sure how feasible or easy this is, but it seems like a good

If the process of containerizing something tricky like icecat is fairly
common, we could abstract that into a procedure, like
(make-containerized-icecat ...) or something.


 - Chris

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