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Re: [Python] pypy3 integration

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: Re: [Python] pypy3 integration
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 10:23:36 +0200


> > Also, what about .pyc files?  Does pypy create compatible .pyc files?
> Well, the .pyc generated by CPython should be compatible with the ones
> generated by Pypy, both VM targeting say Python 3.6.
> But there is no necessary compatibility between .pyc of Python 3.6 and
> Python 3.8, at least for CPython as Lars wrote.
both C extensions and .pyc files are guarded by encoding implementation
and Python version in the file name. If we look at python-numpy for
example, we can see files like decorators.cpython-38.pyc and If I build numpy with pypy the
identifier (cpython-38) changes to pypy36 and pypy36-pp73 respectively.
Thus pypy won’t load CPython’s files.

> > Perhaps we could have a package transformation option to turn a
> > ‘python-build-system’ package into a pypy package?
> ...Yes it could be nice to be able to change the "package builder" of
> the build-system.  (Obviously, without any guarantee that the build
> would be correct for all combinatorial :-))
> The issue is the same for emacs vs emacs-next, GCC versions (without
> saying gcc vs clang ;-)), OCaml 4.07 vs OCaml 4.09 etc..
> We already discussed this kind of issue when discussing "package parameters".
I think that would be really helpful. What’s the status of this work? Is
there a PoC I can extend to cover CPython vs. PyPy?


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