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Re: Linux-libre 5.8 and beyond

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: Linux-libre 5.8 and beyond
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 23:30:40 -0400

Hi Vagrant,

Vagrant Cascadian <> wrote:
> I saw the 5.8 was out, and gave a quick shot at updating it, but it hung
> python indefinitely during the deblobbing process.

I was unable to reproduce this problem.  I simply added version 5.8 in
the usual way, without changing the deblobbing code at all, and the
deblobbing process worked correctly on my Thinkpad X200 (x86_64-linux).

I pushed commit cb97d076491495aa956dbff93679a51cc5708010 to 'master',
which adds the linux-libre@5.8 source and headers packages.  You should
be able to build the deblobbed and patched source with the following

  guix build -S -e '(@ (gnu packages linux) linux-libre-5.8-source)'

Does it work for you?  If so, how does it differ from what you tried

Note that the default kernel configurations for 5.8 still need to be
added.  Leo, would you like to work on that?


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