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Re: File search progress: database review and question on triggers

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: Re: File search progress: database review and question on triggers
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 11:43:42 +0200
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Hello Pierre,

Thanks for sharing your progress. A few remarks below.

> 3. Size of the database:
>    I've persisted all locally-present store items for my current Guix version
>    and it produced a database of 72 MiB.  It compresses down to 8 MiB in zstd.
>    But since we can have multiple Guix versions, this means that the
>    packages have one entry per store path, so we might end up with more
>    entries than that as the number of Guix generations grows.

I'm not sure we actually need to save the full history. I think we could
just store that the package X produces [Y1, Y2, ...]  executable files. Then
on package X update, the executable files list could be refreshed.

>    Question: Should we include empty directories in the database?  I'm tempted
>    to answer no.

I would also say no, and also exclude non-executable files.

>    Question: This bounds us to the SQLite syntax for pattern matching.  Is it 
> a
>    problem?
>    It seems powerful enough in practice.  But maybe we can use regular
>    expression in SQLite as well?

>From the UI perspective, we already have "guix search" that expects a
regex. If we were to include a "guix file-search" command, then I think
it would make sense that it uses the same regex syntax.

> Next points I'd like to address:
> 6. Automatically persist the database entry when building a package.
>    Any idea where I should plug that in?
> 7. Have substitute servers distribute database content.  When the user 
> performs
>    a file search, Guix asks the substitute server for a database update.  Only
>    the diff should be sent over the network, not the whole thing since it 
> might

If I understand correctly, you are proposing to create local databases
that would be kept in sync with a master database populated by the CI
server. This seems a bit complex.

What about extending Cuirass database to add the two tables you are
proposing. Then, each time a package is built, if the version is
updated, the "Files" table would be updated.

Then we could add an HTTP interface such as "/search/file?query=libxxx"
to Cuirass, that would directly query the database. In Guix itself, we
could add the counterpart in the (guix ci) module.




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