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Re: merge wip-haskell?

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: Re: merge wip-haskell?
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 11:22:27 -0400
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Hey Ricardo,

Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:

> Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:
>> Timothy Sample <> writes:
>>> I just pushed “wip-haskell-updates-2” which integrates my work from
>>> <>.  I left the original branch intact
>>> to make it easy to compare.
>> I rebased this on top of “master” and pushed it as “wip-haskell”.  I
>> updated my changes to pandoc and pandoc-citeproc so that the statically
>> linked variants are now separate packages.
>> The evaluations on failed due to a few minor bugs in the
>> extra-directories code (missing “match” case for inputs with declared
>> outputs, and a missing list wrapper in one package).  I fixed up that
>> commit [...].

Sorry for the mistakes.  Thanks for fixing them up.  :)

> I just merged “wip-haskell” into “master” (after merging “master” into
> “wip-haskell”).


I noticed a few surprising failures like Agda and git-annex.  With
git-annex, I had to create a fake "static" output to appease the daemon
(cf. e13fefbcffa50144d9301d67b61928ac3c964fb3).  It’s a little funny,
but I suppose can’t be helped until there is progress on

Is it true that now that “wip-haskell” is removed from Cuirass there’s
no longer any way to see the build failures?  I can’t find them, but my
Cuirass skills are rather mediocre.  :)  Either way, I have fast-enough
machine I can use to track down some of the other failures.  Maybe I
will try and do it along with the Stackage update.

-- Tim

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