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Re: File search progress: database review and question on triggers

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: File search progress: database review and question on triggers
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 15:19:22 +0200

zimoun <> writes:

> I am not sure to see how.  One needs all the database to search inside
> and cannot know in advance which packages etc..  Contrary to “guix size”
> which manipulates the graph and then download the missing parts.
> Therefore, your suggestion is to download all the database the first
> time the user run “guix filesearch”, i.e., download ~10MiB.

If the user is not using substitutes, they can also compute the database
from their local store items (like I'm doing in the graft).  It's less
useful but still a bit more convenient than running find/locate on

> Then each time the user runs “guix pull” then “guix filesearch”, two
> options, either download the new database for this last Guix generation,
> or either download a diff (not sure the complexity is worth for ~10MiB).
> Right?


> And what about the channels?  Because if I read correctly, “guix size”
> fails when “no available substitute information“.

Just like `guix size', it would work with local items.  But if there is
no substitute server for channels, then there is no way around it.

>> I think this is a bit beyond the scope of this patch set.  I'd rather
>> focus on files exclusively for now and proceed one step at a time :)
> I do not think it is beyond the scope because Arun introduced an SQLite
> database for improving “guix search”.  But this path had been stopped
> because of “introducing complexity” [1].  Therefore, if “guix
> filesearch” introduces a SQL cache, then it seems a good idea to be also
> usable by “guix search”.
> Well, if the table is extended with the fields “synopsis” and
> “description” then what is the size of the database?  Does it kill the
> lookup performance?

Good point, I'll test and report my measures.


Pierre Neidhardt

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