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From: Andreas Enge
Subject: python-docker-py
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 17:41:12 +0200


commit 3146b6da6dd3124f8693f48a9ed7ff8208324e23 moves python-docker-py from
version 1.10.6 to 3.7.3. I think that at the same time, it should have been
renamed to python-docker:
- as can be seen in the source, it is downloaded from the "docker" project
  on pypi;
- it advertises itself as "Name: docker" in 

Are you okay with renaming the package? There are only 2 dependent packages
(fdroidserver, on which I am currently working; and docker-compose)?
Do we need a special field to mark the replacement? I do not expect that
users have installed this package independently of fdroid or docker-compose.


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