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More checks for ?

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: More checks for ?
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 16:07:45 -0700

When running "make dist" there are some checks run, such as checking for
hard-coded store paths.

Would it be a good idea to add this or a similar check to
etc/git/pre-push and/or guix lint?

Would it make sense to set up a job to run "make dist" on the build farm
to catch these problems?

# Make sure we're not shipping a file that embeds a local /gnu/store file name.
        $(AM_V_at)if grep -r --exclude=*.texi --exclude=*.info                  
             --exclude=*.info-[0-9] --exclude=*.dot                             
             --exclude=*.eps --exclude-dir=bootstrap                            
             --exclude=guix-manual.pot --exclude=guix-manual.*.po               
             --exclude=guix-cookbook.pot --exclude=guix-cookbook.*.po           
             -E "$(storedir)/[a-z0-9]{32}-" $(distdir) ;                        
          echo "error: store file names embedded in the distribution" >&2 ;     
          exit 1 ;                                                              

Checking this more often could prevent:

  bug#43005: make dist fails: "store file names embedded in the distribution"

It would be nice to catch these bugs earlier, especially when they are
low down on dependency chain!

live well,

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