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Re: branch master updated: gnu: Add r-bisquerna.

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: branch master updated: gnu: Add r-bisquerna.
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 14:33:15 +0200
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zimoun <> writes:

> On Thu, 10 Sep 2020 at 13:30, Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:
>> > It seemed so "bioinformatics"-specific.  But you're right, it's a CRAN
>> > package, so that may be a better fit.  Shall I move it to CRAN?
>> If you have time to do that, yes please.  Some time ago I started a
>> half-hearted migration of R packages from (gnu packages bioinformatics)
>> to (gnu packages cran) and (gnu packages bioconductor).  It’s not
>> supremely important, but I think in the long term we’d like to have CRAN
>> things in (gnu packages cran) and Bioconductor things in (gnu packages
>> bioconductor), because it’s deliciously unsurprising. :)
> I agree.  And it is also on my TODO but the Copyright lines lead to a
> boring task. :-)

It becomes a little easier with “git log --grep=package-name”.

> Does it make sense to add a subsection to:
> about R packages?

Perhaps not.  I think it may not be necessary because we don’t have that
many people contributing R packages to us and the manual already has a
lot of information that might be overwhelming.

So far we’ve been doing fine without it.  It’s a really minor point, in
my opinion.


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