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Re: getting started with the texlive importer

From: Paul Garlick
Subject: Re: getting started with the texlive importer
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 17:19:17 +0100

Hi Guix,

Ok, I have found a fix.

It turns out that the 'svn export' command throws an error if the
target directory already exists.  

Initially I set the 'log' argument of 'download-svn-to-store' to
'current-output-port' to see the error message from svn:

svn: E155000: Destination directory exists; please remove the directory
or use - -force to overwrite

This error is generated because a temporary directory is created by the
'call-with-temporary-directory' procedure (from svn-download.scm).  The
name of the directory is used as an argument for the 'svn export'

The fix I have tested is the following:

--- a/guix/svn-download.scm
+++ b/guix/svn-download.scm
@@ -159,10 +159,11 @@ reports to LOG."
             (parameterize ((current-output-port log))
               (build:svn-fetch (svn-reference-url ref)
                                (svn-reference-revision ref)
-                               temp
+                               (string-append temp "/svn")
                                #:user-name (svn-reference-user-name
                                #:password (svn-reference-password
        (and result
-            (add-to-store store name #t "sha256" temp))))))
+            (add-to-store store name #t "sha256"
+                          (string-append temp "/svn")))))))
 ;;; svn-download.scm ends here

The effect is to add a subdirectory to the temporary directory.  This
is used as the target to download the files to.  It does not exist
until created by the 'svn export' command.

WDYT?  If there are no objections I will push a commit early next week.

Best regards,


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