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Adjustments to Docker related packages and service

From: Jesse Dowell
Subject: Adjustments to Docker related packages and service
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 15:03:29 -0400

Hello Guix,

I've been maintaining a set of patches to Docker in Guix that fix/modify various aspects of the package and service in ways that are helpful to me.

I'd like to get these changes upstream if possible but I don't know which of these changes might be qualified as a patch vs a bug fix. Also, it's possible that I'm unaware of side-effects that these changes might have on use-cases outside of my own scope of work.

The patches are attached. I think that each patch might stand independently on its own but I haven't tested them in that configuration.

A quick summary of each patch....


This patch synchronizes docker-libnetwork and go-sctp with the current version of docker. Without this patch, I've encountered some issues (I forget the specifics offhand - sorry). Also, I believe this is an appropriate change based on comments in the guix source code for the packages and build instructions I've seen elsewhere. 


I utilize docker seccomp profiles and the current version of docker on guix does not support them. This seems safe enough to enable for everyone but perhaps there's something I'm overlooking?


This is a bug fix. I don't think the current code properly disables the userland-proxy when the option is set to false.


I'm guessing this patch won't fly as-is but it's helpful for systems using nftables instead of iptables. I could try to adjust it to make it flexible if there's any interest.

That's everything. Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.


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