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Re: Cuirass: "lint -c archival"?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Cuirass: "lint -c archival"?
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2020 12:29:33 +0200


On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 at 09:28, Mathieu Othacehe <> wrote:

> > The idea behind is then to ask SWH folks to increase the rate limit
> > for a specific IP (or couple of IPs).  Today, the SWH rate is 10 save
> > requests per hour, i.e., 240 per day (more or less).  And the new
> > chart [1] shows that there are ~2000 builds per day.  Ouch! :-)
> Yesterday almost 18.000 derivations were added, and even if only 10.000
> were built, it is indeed quite substantial.

That's good news. :-)

On average, it is ~2000, right?

Well, we could set a limit for the extra days, sending the X first
buildings where X is in agreement with SWH.
It would be far from perfect and some packages would not be saved, but
it seems better than the current situation (depends on the
submitter/reviewer only).

This would be something in the meantime; while waiting the SWH
sources.json loads accepts more than 'url-fetch' sources.

> > If it is not possible, then instead does it make sense to add a script
> > to etc/?  If SWH accepts to increase the rate for a specific machine,
> > the script (fold-packages+save-origin) could run with some delay and
> > save all the missing Git references.
> Adding some sort of "post build" hook to Cuirass that would trigger an
> SHW archival would be possible, even though it would require to
> implement this mechanism.

Cool!  Yakafonkon. ;-)

> Having a cron job archiving missing references would also be possible I
> guess, but I may have a preference for the first option.

Because I am lazy, the "post build" hook appears to me more
complicated to implement than a cron job with a Scheme script (that I
almost already have :-)).  Hey, "Now is better than never. Although
never is often better than *right* now." :-)


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