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Re: Translating the web site

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Translating the web site
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2020 15:18:52 +0200
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Julien Lepiller <> skribis:

>>Julien Lepiller <> skribis:
>>> As soon as we can host the translation files on a separate project on
>>> savannah, we can get it running at
>>Sounds good.  Do we need to host POT files on our side?  I naively
>>though Weblate would host them.
> No, weblate works with a git repository: it clones a repo and presents 
> translation files to the users. Wher a file it translated, it commits it 
> locally and remotely.


>>A Savannah project would be a sledgehammer; what about having a
>>sub-directory at with all the POT files?  All we’d need to
>>do is add a couple of nginx ‘location’ blocks to the config in
> So, we really need a git repository. I guess it could be hosted on, say, 
> :)

Right, or, even easier: a sub-repository on Savannah under ‘guix’.
Would you like to file a support request on the Savannah web interface
so they create a new repo (just like we did for Cuirass, Guix Data
Service, etc.)?

>>> (it's a bit weird, but I think it's better than
>>> which uses some google stuff. If we prefer hosted, there's ~1 month
>>> delay for them to consider an application).
>>Who is “them” in this last sentence?  
>'s admins. They try to make a bit of money from their 
> project, so normally their service is paid, but they accept free software 
> projects for free, but the application can take time.

OK but like you said we probably don’t want to use if
they use tracking services.

So let’s focus on Fedora’s instance.  (GNOME would be be a bit “closer”
to us, so to speak, but I don’t know if they run an instance nor if
they’d accept us.)

>>Those at <> have
>>the same statement, but it should rather be the same license as the
>>manual (GFDL).  Perhaps a ‘Makevars’ issue too?  Since there are a
>>handful of translators involved, we can probably just contact them and
>>change that sentence.
> I agree, the robot should have taken care of making sure the list of authors 
> is maintained in the po files, so we have a complete list from that.

OK, so Someone™ should email them to change the sentence to something
like “[…] under the same license as the Guix manual.”


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