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Re: Call for 1.2 installer testing.

From: Brendan Tildesley
Subject: Re: Call for 1.2 installer testing.
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 17:47:44 +1100

On 12/10/20 6:32 am, pelzflorian (Florian Pelz) wrote:
On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 05:23:30PM +1100, Brendan Tildesley wrote:
Hi, I went through the installer looking for anything negative I could say
about it :) hope there is something helpful here:
Thank you for testing!

Unrelated driver bug: installer was just a black screen until I rebooted
with nomodeset:
Even with nomodeset, I get an error about no UMS supported in radeon, but it
doesn't stop anything.
This black screen regression should be “fixed” now (commit
34d436a4082b5c5f23b00e13eb8e5a92d957d704) by passing a kernel argument
“modprobe.blacklist=radeon” which disables the radeon driver.

I think you copy-pasted the wrong link in to that commit. it links to a thread about the translation stuff i mentioned below, not about the radeon driver.


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