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Re: Outreachy internship

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Outreachy internship
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 23:51:18 +0200
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Hi Joshua,

> I haven't really followed what others have proposed, but you could
> certainly get some ideas here:

It’s a good thought, but that’s not how it works for Outreachy.  We have
a number of Outreachy projects that internship candidates should be able
to see on the Outreachy website.  It’s separate from GSoC and operates
under different rules and guidelines.  However, that page is a good
source of ideas for Outreachy *mentors* in future internship rounds.

Hi Luta,

welcome to Guix!  Independent of the internship project you end up
choosing I recommend starting by installing Guix (as a package manager)
using the installer script at and
familiarizing yourself with it e.g. by installing a package.  Once
you’re comfortable with the features Guix offers I suggest looking at
the Contributing section in the manual to set up an environment to make
your first contribution to Guix.

Be sure to ask for help on #guix whenever you feel something isn’t quite
clear.  At this point you really can’t go wrong by asking for help.
Getting started is the most important part and often the most difficult
hurdle, so we’d like to help you overcome it as quickly as possible.


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