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December 2020 (old) bugs squashing!

From: zimoun
Subject: December 2020 (old) bugs squashing!
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2020 17:51:03 +0100


Let’s have an Advent calendar effort!  Everybody out there who is not
familiar with this tradition of an « Advent calendar » and to avoid any
ambiguity, I am appropriating myself the concept*: all of us try to
close one or more bug per day from 1rst to 31th December, then 2021 will
start on new balls as in tennis match. :-)

In priority let pick bugs older than #30000 (~Jan. 2018).


>From Debbugs, I count 151 bugs or forgotten patches, almost 3 years!
Time to close them or investigate more.

If you do not know how to proceed:

 1. pick an old bug and read the thread
 2. if the last message is ending with an unanswered question, then mark
    it as moreinfo: send an email to using the
    bug number (e.g., 23456) with:

      tags 23456 moreinfo

    Please give a look at:
 3. if you do not know what to do, then reply by asking if the bug is
    still relevant for the author.  Please provide one line to remember
    the topic and the link which points to the bug:


  4. if it is a patch, then check if it is not superseded by something
     already merged, else try to apply it and report success, rebase or

Last, good candidates are bugs with only one or two messages.

I hereby offer some ’(define drink)’ for the one who will close as many
issues as possible in those 31 days.  Well, with the hope to meet those
bug fighters once real time meeting will be possible again, otherwise
you will win my gratitude. :-)

For now, Tobias and Maxim have good score but hey we are only the 1th
day. ;-)

Have fun with Bug Hunting!


*appropriating myself the concept: well, I am stealing the idea from
 Debian Med. ;-) 

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