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Let guix client accept HTTP redirection

From: Peng Mei Yu
Subject: Let guix client accept HTTP redirection
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 10:37:07 +0800


I have a good news and a bad news.

Good news.  The maintainers of (an academic
free software mirror site) agreed to accept Guix into their support

Bad news.  Their first implementation of a Guix mirror failed.  Their
server architecture is like this: A front-end program accepts HTTP
requests.  It looks up the requested resource from a storage server
similar to Amazon S3.  If the resource is found on storage server,
return an HTTP 302 redirection to the storage server.  If the resource
is not found, return an HTTP 302 redirection to and
fetch the resource from then store it in the storage
server.  So the next time the same resource is requested, it can be
served from the storage server.

During the test, we found that guix client does not accept HTTP 302
redirection.  So we are working on a different implementation.  In the
meantime, I think the problem should be reported here and let's find out
if something can be done from the Guix side.

Peng Mei Yu

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