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[Outreachy] Feedback on 'guix git log' subcommand

From: Magali
Subject: [Outreachy] Feedback on 'guix git log' subcommand
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 00:53:27 -0300
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Hi, Guix!

I would like to hear tips and suggestions regarding what's been done so
far with the 'guix git log' subcommand, part of my Outreachy internship.
On a side note, I've been blogging about it at

The code can be found on the wip-guix-log branch and also at
<>. So in order to retrieve it either:

In the Guix Git repository:

$ git checkout wip-guix-log


$ git clone
$ cd guix

Below are a few examples of the options currently available:

./pre-inst-env guix git log --format=medium

./pre-inst-env guix git log --oneline

./pre-inst-env guix git log --channel-cache-path

./pre-inst-env guix git log --channel-cache-path=guix

The '--format=FORMAT' option allows FORMAT to be oneline, medium or full.
The '--channel-cache-path' without any argument shows a list of all
channels and their checkout path. If you provide a channel as an
argument, then only that channel path will be shown.
Notice, also, that when the subcommand displays commits, all commits
from all channels are shown. That's done by appending the commits,
retrieved with the commit-closure procedure, from each channel. Any
suggestions on how to sort all of these commits?

There's also the '--pretty' option, whose argument is a string. For
example, it could be invoked like ./pre-inst-env guix git log
--pretty="Subject: %s". This option works using regular expressions and
there are only five placeholders. Is it worth adding more?

Another thing is that the command is a bit slower than 'git log' itself.
Thoughts on how that could be improved?


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