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Heads-up from Linus -- potential bisection trainwreck: "A note on the 5.

From: Bengt Richter
Subject: Heads-up from Linus -- potential bisection trainwreck: "A note on the 5.12-rc1 tag"
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021 06:54:05 +0100
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Not so usual to be switching rc kernels for guix I suppose, but
this looked worth mentioning anyway:

LWN archive link [1]


In case of link problem, a couple of extractions:
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From:           Linus Torvalds <>
To:             Linux Kernel Mailing List <>
Subject:                A note on the 5.12-rc1 tag
Date:           Wed, 03 Mar 2021 12:53:18 -0800

Hey peeps - some of you may have already noticed that in my public git
tree, the "v5.12-rc1" tag has magically been renamed to
"v5.12-rc1-dontuse". It's still the same object, it still says
"v5.12-rc1" internally, and it is still is signed by me, but the
user-visible name of the tag has changed.

The reason is fairly straightforward: this merge window, we had a very
innocuous code cleanup and simplification that raised no red flags at
all, but had a subtle and very nasty bug in it: swap files stopped
working right.  And they stopped working in a particularly bad way:
the offset of the start of the swap file was lost.

Swapping still happened, but it happened to the wrong part of the
filesystem, with the obvious catastrophic end results.

[ -- snip discussion why all will not be hit -- ]

But I want everybody to be aware of because _if_ it bites you, it
bites you hard, and you can end up with a filesystem that is
essentially overwritten by random swap data. This is what we in the
industry call "double ungood".

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Bengt Richter

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