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core-updates: Emacs is only supported on x86_64-linux?

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: core-updates: Emacs is only supported on x86_64-linux?
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2021 23:56:37 -0800
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I've noticed that the emacs package only supports x86_64-linux, at least
on core-updates.  Is that intended?

I noticed because it caused "make check" to fail on the wip-ppc64le
branch (which is based on core-updates).  I fixed one failing test on
the wip-ppc64le branch by using coreutils instead of emacs in the test:

I suspect that - on core-updates, at least - Guix does not currently
pass its "make check" test suite on any system other than x86_64-linux.

I would like to cherry-pick the above fix onto core-updates.  However,
before doing that, I wanted to check on this list to see if anyone knew
anything about the current situation.  Is it intended that the emacs
package only supports x86_64-linux?

As for the cause, it looks like one contributing factor might be the
rust package.  It was recently added to the transitive closure of inputs
of emacs.  The rust package explicitly declares x86_64-linux as its only
supported system.  This restriction percolates up to emacs, and indeed
to any other package that contains rust in its transitive closure of
inputs.  However, as of 1ced8379c7641788fa607b19b7a66d18f045362b, emacs
did not contain rust in its transitive closure of inputs, so the change
must have happened in some commit after that.

It would be nice if someday the rust package could support more systems.
However, my primary goal here is just to get Guix to build and pass its
tests on powerpc64le-linux.  Getting things like rust and emacs to work
after that will be another challenge.


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