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Re: Opposition to new single-letter package name "t"

From: Leo Prikler
Subject: Re: Opposition to new single-letter package name "t"
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2021 10:35:37 +0100
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Am Dienstag, den 09.03.2021, 01:08 -0500 schrieb Raghav Gururajan:
> > I like Mark's suggestion of "t-todo-list-manager" as well as
> > Raghav's suggestion for "t-cli"; in that order.
> > 
> > Either name sounds good to me, though.
> Cool!
> Since, we already mention "todo list manager" in description, I
> think 
> "ti-cli" is better.
I personally disagree.  Let's assume we do have a collision and the
other program also happens to be a CLI – then we're back to square one.
Also, assuming it is a GUI instead of a CLI and the package can be
named "t-gui", there will be the implication that the two are related
when they need not be.

On a related note, the description treads awfully close to advertising

I'd say "t-todo-list-manager", perhaps shortened to "t-todos". 
Alternatively, we might borrow some bits from the go-build-system
convention and name it com-stevelosh-t.


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