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Re: I've rebased wip-ppc64le onto core-updates

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: I've rebased wip-ppc64le onto core-updates
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 00:24:25 -0800
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I've rebased wip-ppc64le again just now onto the latest core-updates.
There were no conflicts.

Because I committed 5d2863dfe4613d5091e61800fcd5a48922c8ce4e and
001fc29b43fd0beb365d536774fae96624309413 directly to core-updates before
rebasing, I removed some similar commits from wip-ppc64le that are no
longer needed.  The rest is the same as before.

Ludovic Courtès <> writes:

> We’ll have to think about merging.  At things stand, it seems that the
> bits that could go to ‘master’ (those that don’t trigger a world
> rebuild) are already there, right?
> For the rest, we could aim for rebasing on core-updates and merging
> there.

Essentially, yes.  The current plan is to periodically rebase
wip-ppc64le onto core-updates while working out the last few
powerpc64le-linux issues, then merge wip-ppc64le into core-updates, and
then merge core-updates into master.

I've taken care to only include in wip-ppc64le those commits that are
relevant to the porting effort.  Although there are some minor commits
on wip-ppc64le that could be cherry-picked onto master, I'm not sure
it's necessary or particularly helpful to go out of our way to do that
right now.  I would prefer to just finish the wip-ppc64le branch, merge
it into core-updates, and then merge core-updates into master.

Efraim Flashner <> writes:

> As noted in another thread this would involve updating gcc to gcc-8.
> There are some other patches which could go straight into master (I'm
> looking at libelf specifically, probably others), but glibc and
> gcc/libstdc++ I'm not sure how to do those ones.
> Actually, looking at the branch there's also findutils-boot0, but that
> can be changed to only be for target-powerpc for now and changed in
> core-updates. I have a similar one I had to do for binutils on
> powerpc-linux that I managed to make not affect other architectures.

The libelf fix (b13ba3e gnu: libelf: Fix compilation for
powerpc64le-linux) could go to master, but it's a no-op for all systems
other than powerpc64le-linux.  Since nobody is using the
powerpc64le-linux port yet, there is no need for that change to go to
master at this time.

The findutils-boot0 fix (f4cbd18 gnu: commencement: Fix findutils-boot0
on some systems) fixes findutils-boot0 not only for powerpc64le-linux,
but for any system that does not use glibc-mesboot (i.e., any system
other than x86_64-linux or i686-linux).  We could limit the change to
just fix it for powerpc64le-linux, but I think the other systems will
need the fix, too.

In short, I think it will be simplest to just merge wip-ppc64le into
core-updates and then merge core-updates into master.


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