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Release 1.2.1: timeline

From: zimoun
Subject: Release 1.2.1: timeline
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2021 16:00:05 +0100


The plan is to release on the April, 18th.  It is a target date.

This 1.2.1 release will mainly contain bunch of bug fixes and package
updates.  More, remove of Python 2 when possible.

Releasing is a good occasion to take the time to ungraft and test the

Ungrafting should break packages.  It is somehow unexpected but it could
happen that’s why it needs some tests and care.  Leo wrote how to help


and the branch wip-next-release already contains fixes.  Please check it
out and feedback is welcome.

We are planning an «ungraftathon» the last week-end of March (27-28).
Please roam on #guix if you want to help.

Python 2 removal needs some love.  Maxim described how they is doing


and a set of candidates is listed there:


That’s said, you have in your tree any package update, it is the good
time to submit them. :-)

In addition, any bug fix is welcome.  Closing old ones are very welcome! :-)

A draft of the timeline is:

 - until April 1rst: fixes, check substitute availability, etc.
 - as soon as possible: start to build wip-next-release
 - merge branch wip-next-release when ready
 - on Monday 12th April, string freeze
 - couple of days after, branch the release and write the materials
   (ChangeLog and posts)
 - release

The architecture armf will not be included.  The branch core-updates
will not be merged.  Once this release is done, we could write a
timeline for the next core-updates merge and list what should be
included in the next release (1.2.2 or 1.3).  Somehow, all this is an
“experiment” for a webpage detailing the different timelines.

Does it make sense?


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