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Re: guix environment --profile with --ad-hoc

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: Re: guix environment --profile with --ad-hoc
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2021 08:59:27 +0100

Hi Pierre,

> Instead, I'd like the following behaviour:
> […]
hm, I feel that’s unnecessarly complex with lots of if’s and else’s. If
I could design the frontend from scratch, I’d have one command that does
profile/environment manipulation (because they’re essentially the same)
and one that can set them up for use. In that world you’d do

$ guix environment $(guix profile -m manifest.scm -i additional-package)

to get a temporary profile/environment and

# add a few packages
$ guix profile -p /path -m manifest.scm -i additional-package
# remove one
$ guix profile -p /path -r additional-package
# enter env
$ guix environment /path
$ ^D
# enter using container
$ guix environment -C --user=joeuser /path
$ ^D

to get a persistent environment and entering it without fiddling with -r
vs. -p vs. package options. In this case `guix environment` does not
know anything about packages and can only operate on existing profiles.

Maybe it’s possible to do profile inheritance like this too:

$ guix profile -p /new/profile -i /old/profile additional-package

which would be the union of /old/profile and {additional-package}.


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