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Re: Release 1.2.1: zstd 1.4.4 -> 1.4.9: grafting or core-updates?

From: Léo Le Bouter
Subject: Re: Release 1.2.1: zstd 1.4.4 -> 1.4.9: grafting or core-updates?
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 19:26:49 +0100
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On Tue, 2021-03-16 at 19:19 +0100, zimoun wrote:
> I guess that it will not build for i686.  Does it?
> If not, the patch attached to the previous email tweaks the offending
> test; as the original author of zstd has suggested:
> <>
> (Thanks to the other Leo for opening the issue.)

Indeed it would not pass tests, thanks for the patch.

> Well, I am confused.  If the update of zstd from 1.4.4 to 1.4.9 does
> not imply a huge rebuild, why is it a graft?  And not a simple
> update?

Well there is some huge rebuild involved, but there is something else
happening here, the zstd package as a specification now refers to 
zstd@1.4.9 and not zstd@1.4.4 (as grafted) because the version is
newer, I should've made the zstd@1.4.9 graft package definition private
here as I do now for other grafts.

$ ./pre-inst-env guix refresh -l zstd
Building the following 2 packages would ensure 2 dependent packages are
rebuilt: ecl-zstd@1.0-1.d144582 cl-zstd@1.0-1.d144582

We see only 2 here, but it's a false result, zstd is a dependency to
way more,

Then if we do this:

$ ./pre-inst-env guix refresh -l zstd@1.4.4
Building the following 5115 packages would ensure 10443 dependent
packages are rebuilt

There we are, almost all packages need to be rebuilt.


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