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Re: Are gzip-compressed substitutes still used?

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Are gzip-compressed substitutes still used?
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 09:00:20 -0700

On 2021-03-18, zimoun wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Mar 2021 at 11:08, Vagrant Cascadian <> wrote:
>> ... and I would expect this version to ship in Debian for another ~3-5
>> years, unless it gets removed from Debian bullseye before the upcoming
>> (real soon now) release!
> I could miss a point.  In 3-5 years, some people will be still running
> Debian stable (or maybe oldstable or maybe this stable is LTS), so they
> will “apt install guix” at 1.2.0, right?  But then there is no guarantee
> that Berlin will still serve this 5 years old binary substitutes.  But
> “guix install” fallback by compiling what is missing, right?


> Then the question will be: are the upstream sources still available?
> Assuming that SWH is still alive at this future, all the git-fetch
> packages will have their source, whatever the upstream status.  For
> all the other methods, there is no guarantee.

There is never a guarantee of source availability from third parties;
one of the downsides of the Guix approach to source management
vs. Debian (e.g. all released sources are mirrored on Debian-controlled
infrastructure ... which brings up an interesting aside; could Debian,
OpenSuSE, Fedora, etc.  archives could be treated as a fallback mirror
for upstream tarballs).

> On the other hand, at this 3-5 years future, after “apt install guix”,
> people will not do “guix install” but instead they should do “guix
> pull”.  Therefore, the compression of substitutes does not matter that
> much, right?

Except for issues like the openssl bug which causes build failure due to
certificate expiry in the test suite basically would break guix pull in
those cases... maybe that is a deal breaker for the Debian packaged

> The only strong backward compatibility seems between “guix pull” rather
> than all the substitutes themselves.  Isn’t it?  Other said, at least
> keep all the necessary to have “guix pull” at 1.2.0 be able to complete.

The guix-daemon is still run from the packaged version installed as
/usr/bin/guix-daemon, so would need to be patched to get updates for new
features and ... in light of
... security updates!

It is of course possible to configure to use an updated guix-daemon from
a user's profile (e.g. as recommended with guix-binary installation on a
foreign distro), but out-of-the-box it uses the guix-daemon shipped in
the package, which, at least with my Debian hat on, is how it should be.

> Thanks for this opportunity to think at such time scale. :-)

Heh. :)

live well,

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