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Re: [SPITBALL] Jehanne as another kernel option / porting target

From: pinoaffe
Subject: Re: [SPITBALL] Jehanne as another kernel option / porting target
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 12:38:34 +0100
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raingloom writes:
> Should support more architectures than Hurd ;)
> Anyways, just throwing this out there, as I - and I imagine every
> other contributor - have some more pressing projects.
> It probably wouldn't be able to run most packages and services without
> some significant work but it could maybe still use Guix as a package
> manager.
I'm far from in the loop, but from a cursory glance I'd think that
porting to Jehanne is significantly more involved than porting to the
Hurd, considering that Hurd seems to provide more POSIX compatibility
than Jehenne.

> seL4 would be cool too.
Didn't someone do some work on making hurd run on SEL4?
Or am I misremembering

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