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Re: [art] Tiled Wallpaper Art

From: Luis Felipe
Subject: Re: [art] Tiled Wallpaper Art
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2021 15:12:11 +0000

Hi, Sarthak, Leo :)

On Sunday, March 21, 2021 11:42 PM, Leo Famulari <> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 04:07:15AM +0530, Sarthak Shah wrote:
> > Hello, I put together a tiled svg wallpaper for GuixSD (attached)
> > using the logo resources in the git repository.
> > I'm not sure where to submit it
> Cool!
> We usually keep this kind of thing in the 'guix-artwork' repository:
> And, this is the right place to submit it.
> I'm CC-ing Luis Felipe, who usually works on our art, and they can help
> guide you in contributing these tiles :)

Well, I try to follow the process below when I want to contribute artwork to 
GNU Guix:

1. I send a proposal to guix-devel
2. Wait for reactions from Guix
3. If there is acceptance, I send a patch to guix-artwork with my work

In the case of your tiled background, Sarthak, step 3 above would go like this:

1. Clone the guix-artwork repository
2. Put your image in guix-artwork/backgrounds
3. Commit your changes
4. Generate a patch
5. Send it by email to

You can see for 
examples of how the commit message should look like.

If you have difficulties with any of these steps, don't hesitate to ask :)

Now, about your wallpaper proposal, I would personally try to make the logos 
smaller, subtle and the background color a dark gray instead of black. That was 
my first thought.

Also, did you tried the tile in a particular desktop environment? I ask because 
I use GNOME 3.34.5 in the Guix System 1ab03fb, and couldn't find a way to tile 
it. But I did try the tile in an HTML document, and it looks seamless.

Looking at the file itself, I see it is clean. That is, Using File → Clean Up 
Document in Inkscape says there are no unused definitions (which are common 
when you import other SVGs into the document and make the file size grow).

I personally add the copyright and license information to the SVG as metadata 
(File → Document Properties... → Metadata).

Finally, if your artwork is not included in the system for any reason, you can 
always create your own repository of artwork, maybe package it for Guix, and 
share it with the world. I personally do that with wallpapers 


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