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Re: A Critique of Shepherd Design

From: raid5atemyhomework
Subject: Re: A Critique of Shepherd Design
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 14:48:25 +0000

> Loopback is handled by the ‘loopback’ shepherd service, which is
> provided via ‘%base-services’. Perhaps you just need to have your
> service depend on it?

My service requires `tor`, which itself requires `loopback`, but it was still 
unable to access `` until I added a service that invokes 
`nm-online` and had my service require that.  It works that way without 
problems, which leads me to conclude that loopback is *still* handled by 
NetworkManager somehow, despite what the Shepherd-level services claim.  
Unfortunately I cannot divulge what my service is; suffice it to say that naive 
code that just opens to `` failed when invoked before `nm-online` 


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