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[Mumi] incorrect Blocked by field

From: zimoun
Subject: [Mumi] incorrect Blocked by field
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 22:37:11 +0100


Using Emacs «M-x debbugs-gnu-bugs RET 47297 RET b» I get this list:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
47239 normal     Konrad Hinsen      Test failure in tests/publish.scm with 
commit 1955ef93b76e51cab5bed4c90f7eb9df7035355a
47173 normal,pat zimoun             [PATCH 0/1] Remove Clang 3.6.2.
47144 normal,sec Mark H Weaver      security patching of 'patch' package
47143 normal,sec Mark H Weaver      pjproject package is vulnerable to 
CVE-2021-21375 and CVE-2020-15260
47142 normal,sec Mark H Weaver      squid package vulnerable to CVE-2021-28116
47141 normal,sec Mark H Weaver      Zabbix packages vulnerable to CVE-2021-27927
47140 normal,sec Mark H Weaver      libupnp package vulnerable to CVE-2021-28302
47106 normal     Leo Prikler        Bubblewrap hates Guix containers 😞
47097 normal     zimoun             eolie broken => unworking example from 
46871 47090,norm Leo Famulari       Service manager "init scripts" missing from 
46829 important  Christopher Baines Fresh install of 1.2.0 can't guix pull
46360 normal,pat Vincent Legoll     [PATCH] gnu: tzdata: Update to 2021a.
45704 normal,pat Leo Famulari       [PATCH] gnu: Remove QT 4.
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

This 13 bugs are well reported on «Details» and «Blocked by»,


however there are not sorted which is annoying.  And there is a tiny bug
because the bug 1 is listed.


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