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Guix Home upstreaming plan

From: Andrew Tropin
Subject: Guix Home upstreaming plan
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 12:09:31 +0300

There is a goal[0] to make Guix Home[1] a part of GNU Guix.  It will reduce
the duplications between projects, increase integrity and will provide
Guix users with a missing tool for declarative configuration of home
environments improving out of the box experience and allowing Guix users
on foreign distros to have Guix System-like experience.

The outline of before upstreaming checklist looks like:
* [done]        Implement a `guix home` utility and essential services.
* [in-progress] Implement a complete home environment with it [2].
* [in-progress] Run Early Adopters program, gather feedback.
* [done]        Write documentation [3].
* [in-progress] Generate documentation for each home service.
* [in-progress] Test a complete home environment on foreign distro.
* [todo]        Add tests for complex serializers and essential functions.

I don't expect upstreaming process to be fast, it will require a lot of
time for review and probably changes after review and it seems logical
to start it early, even before checklist is complete.  Also, I don't
want to replicate documenting and testing infrastracture and that is why
we will be adding docs and tests directly to guix repo (for now it's [4]),
while moving the code from rde project.

We still cleaning up things, but I hope that we can start sending
patches in a week or two.  I expect it to be a few patch series.

civodul, can we create a separate guix-home branch to work against it?

Dear Maintainers, please, let me know what you think.



[2]: Complete home environment in this context is a configured and
integrated minimalistic set of apps: window manager/compositor, text
editor, vcs, mail client, web browser, key and password managers, shell.



Best regards,
Andrew Tropin

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