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Re: bug#47897: [PATCH] substitutes: Don't cache negative lookups or tran

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: bug#47897: [PATCH] substitutes: Don't cache negative lookups or transient errors.
Date: Tue, 11 May 2021 15:09:23 +0200
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Christopher Baines <> skribis:

>> Now, the penalty it imposes is annoying.  I’ve sometimes found myself
>> working around it, too (because I knew the server was going to have the
>> store item sooner than 1h).
>> Rather than removing it entirely, I can think of these options:
>>   1. Reduce the default negative timeouts.
> I think reducing it is good, as you say, it's possible to override the
> default from the server side. Just in case someone wants caching
> behaviour, it might be worth keeping that functionality at least.

OK, let’s do that.

>>   2. Add an option to ‘guix publish’ (and to the Coordinator?) so they
>>      send a ‘Cache-Control’ header with the chosen TTL on 404.  That
>>      way, if the server operator doesn’t mind extra load, they can run
>>      “guix publish --negative-ttl=0”.
> That sounds sensible. The Guix Build Coordinator doesn't do any serving,
> that's left to something else like nginx. For the deployments I maintain
> though, I don't think I'm setting the relevant headers, but I'll look at
> changing that.


> Going back to the %narinfo-transient-error-ttl, if I'm correct in saying
> that it's not possible to override that, maybe that should also use the
> relevant header value if set?

Correct, ‘%narinfo-transient-error-ttl’ cannot be overridden.  We can
halve it if you think that’s useful, thought when that happens, it means
something’s wrong with the server (returning 500 or similar).

I’ve sent patches to address this, lemme know what you think!


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