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Re: GNU Guix 1.4.0 in September? (was: Re: GNU Guix 1.3.0 released)

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: GNU Guix 1.4.0 in September? (was: Re: GNU Guix 1.3.0 released)
Date: Sun, 16 May 2021 12:47:42 -0400
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I agree string freeze was way too long for this release. We entered string freeze one week before the planned release date, it got pushed by almost one month.

For next release, I think it would be better to enter string freeze along with rc1 or a bit later, but always at least give one week before release (so a late string freeze could delay release by a few days).

Le 16 mai 2021 12:02:38 GMT-04:00, Vagrant Cascadian <> a écrit :
On 2021-05-16, Maxim Cournoyer wrote:
Yes, thank you Simon and Leo for the help with the release! I felt less
lonely :-). I've learned that producing a release can easily take 2-3
weeks even in good conditions (e.g., not many blockers to fix). I'd
suggest anyone (myself included :-)) trying to meet the schedule to
seriously start trying to put out RCs a month before the planned release

It would be nice to get a Release Candidate (or Pre Release?) out with
some time before the string freeze; it's easiest for me to do the
spelling/grammar/typo checks and fixes after the first RC tarball (as it
is basically just part of my packaging for Debian workflow), but was a
little disappointing to not be able to get such trivial fixes into the

Alternately or additionally, setting up a "make dist" job on and publishing the resulting tarball somewhere would
allow me to check at arbitrary points during the release cycle and catch
things earlier.

live well,

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