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Rust freedom issue claim

From: Bone Baboon
Subject: Rust freedom issue claim
Date: Sun, 23 May 2021 23:24:24 -0400

This is an article from Hyperbola about the Rust trademark. It claims
that Rust has a freedom issue.

I searched for this in the Guix bug and devel mailing list archive but
did not see it.

I would like to know how others interpret this claim of Rust having a
freedom issue.

# Linux-libre

If Rust does have a freedom issue then there is potential that it could
have an impact on Linux-libre.  Recently there was a RFC for adding
support for Rust to the Linux kernel
<>.  Linus Torvalds's response is
here <>.

# Responses on Freenode

I asked about Hyperbola's claim of a Rust freedom issue on and these were some of the responses I
received.  However it appears that the core of Hyperbola's claim
remains unaddressed by these responses.

"<SpaceManiac> the trademarks are now owned by the Rust Foundation
rather than Mozilla, but the Rust Media Guide has not been updated to
reflect this"

"<lifeless> bone-baboon:
is closed by";

"<lifeless> bone-baboon: whether you consider is a freedom issue or not
is a matter of viewpoint - debian doesn't seem to care at this point,;package=cargo
shows no bugs open related to trademarks"

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