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Re: Adding Substitute Mirrors page to installer

From: raid5atemyhomework
Subject: Re: Adding Substitute Mirrors page to installer
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 06:39:49 +0000

Hello Maxime,

> raid5atemyhomework schreef op ma 31-05-2021 om 09:42 [+0000]:
> > bump
> >
> > > bump
> To me it seems all questions have been addressed,
> though I was not involved in the discussion.
> So, maybe time to merge?
> See
> for the patches.

I am not really satisfied with the patch as-is, and I have this question:

>     For example, perhaps the result of a page is not an AST that is a field 
> of an `operating-system` form, but instead a procedure that accepts a 
> `(operating-system ...)` form and returns it.
>     Most existing pages would just append their keyed sub-form.
>     However the `mirrors` page would modify an existing `services` field in 
> the input `operating-system` form instead.

Of course, implementing the above has some problems:

* It is not a trivial change and it would take me a lot of time.
* Nobody has responded to the above **prose** description of the idea, so I am 
very reluctant to invest in the time to implement the idea since nobody may end 
up reviewing the actual **code** implementation, which of course will be less 
easy to understand than the above prosody.

I will not object if the existing patch is merged in, but I will not work on 
the above idea until somebody actually responds to it somehow.


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