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Telemetry on by default kitty

From: Bone Baboon
Subject: Telemetry on by default kitty
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 16:18:38 -0400

Guix provides kitty a terminal emulator as a package.

Kitty has telemetry on by default.  See this issue on the kitty
repository for further information:

The issue was closed by the lead developer of the project without
addressing the concern raised.  It does not look like this is something
that is going to be fixed upstream.

The kitty telemetry is not a core part of kitty's functionality.  The
kitty lead developer said in that issue thread that the telemetry is to
notify users of available updates.  Further source code review would be
required to verify that is the only thing the telemetry is doing.  As
the lead developer did not provide much in the way of details when asked
about the telemetry in the issue thread.  It seems that the methods Guix
provides would be better suited for letting users know about updates. 

What do other people think about this in the context of the Free System
Distribution Guidelines?

No Malware
The distro must contain no DRM, no back doors, and no spyware.

How should the issue of kitty's telemetry on be default be addressed?

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