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5c8369d6c1 gnu: Add python2-twodict ?

From: zimoun
Subject: 5c8369d6c1 gnu: Add python2-twodict ?
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 16:23:00 +0200


What is this point of the commit:

   5c8369d6c1 gnu: Add python2-twodict.

?  The package is used by youtube-dl-gui for updating it at 0.4.  I
guess this package is Python 2 only, correct?

(Note the commit message seems wrong, IIRC.)

Python 2 is EOL since a long time now and the last commit of the
package youtube-dl-gui is from 2018 and the release 0.4 from 2017.
Well, I do not know if it is worth to update such package. :-)

I propose to deprecate this package because it will be removed soon or later.


All the best,

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