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Re: Honeycomb LX2 ARM board, problems booting Guix

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Honeycomb LX2 ARM board, problems booting Guix
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 20:32:37 -0400
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One way to find the missing modules is to boot another distro (or maybe the installer has a lot more modules than the installed system) and look at dmesg. You might see something like:

scsi host0: ahci-sunxi
ata1: SATA max UDMA/133 mmio …

sunxi-mmc 1c12000.mmc: initialized, …
mmc0: host does not support reading read-only…

(That's from an arm board)

In that case, I added sunxi-mmc, ahci_sunxi and for some reason sd_mod. Note that naming is not consistent between guix and dmcsg, so check the filename in lib/modules of you linux-libre kernel package.


Le 29 juin 2021 18:57:31 GMT-04:00, Vagrant Cascadian <> a écrit :
On 2021-06-29, Christopher Baines wrote:
I've had a Honeycomb LX2 board for a few weeks now, but I've been
struggling to get Guix installed on it.

The most success I've had is with an installer image written to either a
USB drive or nVME drive. I changed the bootloader to the
grub-efi-bootloader, using the efi-raw image type, a couple of other
tweaks, but I only get as far as Linux starting Guile and then it
promptly erroring [1].


For some reason, /proc/partitions is empty, and I can't see usual things
relating to storage devices in /dev. Any ideas how this could happen,
what might I be doing wrong, or anything else I could try?

Most likely missing kernel modules from the initrd, missing kernel
configuration options enabled, and/or missing support in the kernel

Hopefully it's one of the first two; good luck module/option hunting!

live well,

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