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Re: Adding Substitute Mirrors page to installer

From: raid5atemyhomework
Subject: Re: Adding Substitute Mirrors page to installer
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 15:21:41 +0000

Hello Tobias,

> > As an aside, I notice there is now a new ""
> > server.
> bayfront has been public sinc 2016..2017?, but it was recently exposed
> through a second hostname, That's the name that
> should be used if added.
> > Not sure if I should modify this patch or not to add it or whatever.
> I don't see why not! It's the only Guix-hosted substitute server after
>, and has the advantage of not being a mere mirror.

If I add it, does this actually increase the chances the patch will get in or 

Note that the current Substitute Mirrors Page system allows to select only one 
set of substitutes.
Mathieu was mentioning the ability to have a more complex Substitute Mirrors 
Page that allows to set up substitute servers in arbitrary order and so on, but 
I considered that it would be easier to implement a simple "just select one of 
these sets of substitutes" and hoped it would mean the patch gets in earlier 
rather than later.

In any case, it looks to me that bordeaux is already in 
`%default-substitute-mirrors`, which this patch uses, so it should get included 
anyway as a fallback in case the SJTU mirror is not available or something.
So maybe the patch is OK as-is?


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